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Get a dedicated Hiring Pro to deliver a steady stream of qualified candidates for your Animal Care jobs!

“ApplicantPro just streamlines the hiring process and does all the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on running your business.”


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How long does it take to get started?

Your system will be set up in 2 business days and job ads posted the very next! We usually have screened applicants ready to be reviewed in 7 days.

What happens if we aren't hiring?

Although it's a good idea to always be sourcing candidates, you can easily hibernate your account until you're ready to start hiring again!

Is there a commitment?

All we ask is that you commit for 3 months.

Are there setup fees?


We have helped 50+ Animal Care & Veterinary Clinic Companies make hiring their competitive advantage!

“We have been satisfied so far with ApplicantPro, it has taken the burden off of me and we have been getting a steady list of applicants. Thanks So Much!”

- Justina

City Plumbing Services, LLC

“I would go on record as saying that you have produced more qualified candidates in 3 weeks than I received in 3 months with Indeed and Zip Recruiter.”

- Hank

All County Exteriors

“We are very happy so far. You guys have really delivered on your promise. I have more great applicants every day! Wish I had found you sooner.”

- Jeremy B.

President of Mikes Plumbing